The Lanigan Group

Prior Engagements - USA

Disruptive technologies introduce both threats as well as opportunities. Here is a sample of some of our clients where we turned threats into strategic advantage.

Sprint Corporation

Sprint's executive committee needed to understand the impact that the Internet would have on their business.

We helped them understand the impact that the Internet would have on their customers, leading to deeper insights into how customers' needs from Sprint would change.

Our action plan enabled Sprint to build a new $800 M line of business to meet those changing needs.

Wachovia Investment Bank

We enabled a transition onto an adaptive IT infrastructure that reduced Wachovia's cost for information technology by 50%.

This included transforming their IT team into a faster-moving, internal product delivery organization and the introduction of virtualization technology for the first time in the banking industry.

Morgan Stanley

We defined a next-generation data centre strategy to help respond to the disruptive change introduced by cloud computing.

Our modeling of over 5,000 applications in their IT portfolio identified over $400 M in cost-savings via right-sizing across different data centres.