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Sustainability of Canadian Agriculture fills in the gaps in published data about the carbon footprint of Canada's primary agriculture sector.

Our conservative 4-part analysis shows that, not only is agriculture already sustainable, but also that Canadian farms are generating $1.6 Billion in unpaid sequestration services.

Measuring Corporate Boards provides an overview of how to measure either public or private corporate Board performance.

Written in 2004, this classic has withstood the test of time and was used to develop balanced scorecards validated by a former Auditor General of Canada at the University of Ottawa's Centre on Governance.

These scorecards are best-in-class examples of balanced scorecarding. Contact us if you would like to obtain a complimentary copy of them.


Being relevant requires not only a compelling value proposition, which this book is not about, but also an organizational capacity to continuously offer one.

Remaining relevant requires an ongoing investment into technology, process and capability that sustains both running the existing business as well as ongoing innovation.

The only way to do this is to employ process ambidexterity, which this book is about.