The Lanigan Group

Strategic Advisory Services

Our business has operated on a net-zero basis since inception, and our 2030 sustainability goal is to assist our clients attain the same.

We accomplish this by leveraging our extensive experience in leading mission-critical transitions as well as by using our proven Business Precision ™  methodology to produce rapid, high-impact, results.

The agriculture and forestry sectors are unique in that they are able to leverage natural climate solutions, so we offer specialized services to those sectors. Our subsidiary, Esprit dans la Forêt / Spirit in the Forest, demonstrates that even an energy-intensive agricultural product can be produced on a net-zero basis.

Spirit in the Forest is the world's first provably net-zero maple syrup producer and has assisted other producers make > 70,000 L of syrup annually on a provably net-zero basis per ISO 14064-1. Visit to learn more.


Net-Zero Transition

We provide strategic adivsory services to firms disrupted by climate change.

We accelerate your transition to net-zero by leveraging our experience in rapid, mission-critical transitions.

Circular Economy

We provide advisory services on moving to more sustainable business model.

Including the go-to-market for innovative, sustainable products in a circular economy.

Natural Climate Solutions

We offer sector-level advisory services on sustainability to agricultural producer associations based on our deep understanding of the sustainability of North American agriculture.

We are leaders in farm-level carbon footprint modeling needed to efficiently transition producers to net-zero.

We also advise on sector-level innovation opportunities based on agroforestry, biofuels, and other sustainable practices.

Clean Tech

We apply our Business Precision methodology to advise on clean tech product innovation and market entry.