The Lanigan Group

Prior Engagements - Canada

Our reputation is based on rapidly providing a clear assessment of what is often a failing strategy and helping our clients navigate the transition to a successful outcome. Here is a sample of some of our clients where clear and rapid decision-making was crucial for their success.

Cogeco Communications

Cogeco needed to respond to the threat of cable-subscription cutting as television shifted to become an Internet-based, on-demand service.

Reporting to the President, we rapidly helped them course-correct and led a 3-year $300 M transition which enabled Cogeco to successfully compete in both on-demand and linear broadcasting media.

CN Rail

CN's Board was concerned that CN might fail to meet regulatory deadlines for train automation that could result in revocation of their license to operate in the USA.

Reporting to the Board, we rapidly identified the barriers impeding success and the requisite course correction.

Reporting to the executive committee, we then led a successful 4-year, $1+ B transition to make it happen, on-time and on-budget.


We increased a Tier 1 Carrier's market share from 7th to 2nd within 18 months by improving their value proposition for web hosting services.

We enabled a strategic transition from carrier-grade to enterprise-based markets for a publicly-traded communications product company.