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What is your Product-to-Market Mix?

Are you spending too much on existing products?

Unless your market share puts you in the Top 3 in your existing market or you have a saturated niche market, you should continue to invest heavily in your existing products.

Too many companies fail by diversifying too early, losing critical momentum in core markets. We can assess your market position relative to your core market growth rate to help you make the right decision.

Can you extend existing products into new markets?

The least risky way to grow from new products is to extend your existing product line into adjacent markets.

Since our approach leverages your existing product investment, the ROI payoff is higher. We can help you target the right markets for your existing products, map out customer needs in these markets, and position your products successfully to new customers.

Are you investing in new products for existing markets?

Developing incremental revenue opportunities from new products can be low risk if you pay close attention to the needs of your current customers.

We can help you look at the needs of existing customers from a fresh perspective to detect and validate exciting new product opportunities.

Should you acquire or develop new products for new markets?

Entering new markets with a new product is the highest risk way to grow your product portfolio.

We can help you explore ways of mitigating this risk, as well as consider your acquisition options. Should you decide to acquire a product, we can help you with the due-diligence process to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.


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