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Led by Paul Renaud

Since its inception in 1998, The Lanigan Group has developed a reputation for its high-impact services delivered to leading technology companies.

Paul Renaud is an executive with 25 years of technology management experience. He has a high-impact reputation based on his strategic and practical business perspective on technology. Mr. Renaud has the unique ability to be effective at all levels: in the boardroom, with customers, partners, and with highly technical staff.

Prior to founding The Lanigan Group, Mr. Renaud was vice president of product development at Cognos, where he directed award-winnng product development with a team of 180 developers. During his tenure, he doubled the rate of business intelligence product shipments to market and Cognos was honored with product excellence awards from Infoworld, PC Week and Datamation for his products.

Mr. Renaud previously held Director-level positions at Nortel responsible for the R&D of distributed computing-based telecommunications products and research into next-generation service-oriented management protocols.  

He also directed Bell Northern Research’s multi-million dollar IT infrastructure and led the successful transition of Nortel's R&D labs from centralized to distributed computing, harnessing the power of a network with more than 10,000 workstations, 5,000 PCs, 500 servers and seven mainframes.

Prior to joing Nortel, Mr. Renaud was Chief Architect for SHL Systemhouse Inc, where he provided technical leadership for all Unix and client/server systems integration projects from 1981 to 1990. During this time, G2 Research ranked Systemhouse as North America's leading client/server systems integrator.

Mr. Renaud authored the best-selling Introduction to Client/Server Systems, published in four languages by John Wiley & Sons, New York, which contains the first published reference to a computing information grid. He was the founding chairman of the Canadian CSA/ISO POSIX Working Group, has been cited in several ISO and IEEE standards, and is currently a member of Queen's University's Innovation Council.

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