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IT Industry

"Fish discover water last."

     Chinese Saying

We improve the operational effectiveness your IT service offering by optimizing your cost of service delivery, improving your IT governance, and leveraging your IT architecture.

We can help you:

We also have extensive experience in outsourced IT services delivery that spans both sides of the outsourcing table and can advise you on the most cost-effective means of leveraging outsourced services. Our affiliate, Synergy Consulting, is experienced in multi-million dollor outsourcing intitiates and can lead the entire outsourcing procurement process for you.

Our experience base includes: major system integrators in Canada and the USA, privately held regional IT services companies, Fortune 500 IT departments, crown corporations, as well as federal, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada, USA and Europe.

Recent Fortune 500 IT customers of The Lanigan Group include:


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